Wednesday, January 20

Visitor visas in Bahrain extended for three months

Manama: All visitor visas in Bahrain have been extended again until January 21 next year, according to Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs.

Kovid had earlier extended the validity of visitor visas earlier due to 19.

The decision was taken by an executive committee headed by Crown Prince and First Deputy Prime Minister Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The visa will automatically be extended for the next three months without applying on the e-Visa website. There is no charge for this. During this period, visitors can adjust their accommodation or return home depending on the availability of air travel, officials said.

Final exit visa extended in Saudi Arabia

The passport department has announced that the final exit visa in Saudi Arabia has been extended to October 31. For this, expatriates are not required to attend Javasat directly. Of these, 28,884 visas were automatically renewed, officials said.

Thousands of people were stranded in Saudi Arabia because of Kovid, who organized the final exit to leave work and return home. This is again extended for free.

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