Wednesday, January 20

Kovid has reduced the inspection rate for passengers traveling to Bahrain

Manama: The Kovid-19 inspection rate for travelers to Bahrain has been reduced from 60 dinars to 40 dinars. The decision will take effect on Tuesday, December 1st.

The National Medical Task Force, which fights the coronavirus, announced its decision to reduce rates on Monday night.

The Kovid-PCR check is available on the 10th day of arrival and departure of passengers at the airport. All you have to do is pay 40 dinars for these checks from Tuesday. This applies to citizens, expatriates and foreign travelers.

On July 21, two Kovid-19 checks were made mandatory for travelers arriving in the country for 60 dinars. From August 20, the quarantine of those who were negative in the airport inspection was waived. Those who are positive will be contacted by the Ministry of Health.

Those who stay in Bahrain for more than 10 days are required to undergo a second PCR test on the 10th day. Passengers need to enable ‘Be Aware Bahrain’ app on mobile. The Task Force said all precautionary measures against Kovid would remain in place.

Passengers can pay up to three times through the ‘Beware Bahrain’ app before arriving in Bahrain. Payment can also be made through the counters at the airport.

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