Friday, February 26

Expatriate Budget: Bahrain Talent

Manama: Bahrain Pratibha has welcomed the state budget, which has announced a number of welfare measures for expatriates, including a significant increase in expatriate pensions. Pratibha pointed out that this shows the care and love of the LDF government towards the expatriates.

Finance Minister Dr. In the budget presented by Thomas Isaac, the welfare pension was increased to Rs 3,500 for expatriates and Rs 3,000 for returnees. An amount of `9 crore has been sanctioned to the Pravasi Welfare Fund for this. The Finance Minister announced that all expatriates would be made part of the Welfare Fund.

The Integrated Expatriate Employment Scheme for Expatriates who lose their jobs has been announced in the budget. A list of expatriates returning to the scheme will be prepared. The budget also announces plans for their skills training and assistance in repatriation. An amount of `100 crore has been set apart for this project.

Health insurance for expatriates and their families will be implemented under the Noorina scheme. The Finance Minister said that Pravasi Chitti will be made more attractive and efficient. The budget also announced that loan schemes for returning expatriates would be made more efficient.

It is noteworthy that special consideration has been given to expatriate rehabilitation schemes. In the budget, the LDF government considered the increase in the required pension amount and the vocational training of expatriates for a long time as very sympathetic. When this government came to power, the pension amount was only 600 rupees. The government increased it to Rs 2,000 in the first phase. It is very welcome that the pension has been increased to Rs 3,500 in this budget. The LDF government led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is holding the suffering expat community close to its heart. The care and hope it gives to the expat community is not small. The budget underscores that the present LDF government is the government that has best identified the expat issues from the present government. Expatriates have received the greatest consideration in history in this budget.

Apart from the welfare of the expatriates, the budget also announced excellent schemes for the all-round development of Kerala and the welfare of the people. The State Budget will give impetus and hope to all sectors like health, education, industry, employment, women’s welfare and geriatric welfare. In a statement, Bahrain’s General Secretary Livin Kumar and President KM Satheesh said that the state budget is a great effort to bring together the diverse people of the country like flowers in a necklace and thereby build a left alternative to neo – liberalism. They also requested all expatriates to come forward to support this mirror which is held against the needs of the times.

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