Saturday, April 10

Kerala Budget – Left Government Provision for Expatriates: Dammam Navodaya

Dammam> The Dammam Navodaya Central Committee has said that the declarations for the welfare of the people in the state budget are historic. All the plans of this government till date are to bring the issue of expatriates to the center of political policy in a way that no future government can ignore. The announcements in this budget are a powerful continuation of that. This is an example of how a government dealing with working class politics recognizes the impulses of the labor problems faced by migrant workers.

Announces Integrated Expatriate Employment Scheme for Expatriate Workers A list of returnees will be prepared as part of the project. The finance minister said Rs 100 crore would be set aside for the project. 30 crore has been announced for relief work.

An amount of `9 crore will be allotted to the Pravasi Welfare Fund. The welfare fund has increased the dividend for foreigners to Rs 350 and the pension to Rs 3,500. The pension of returnees has been increased to Rs 200 and Rs 3,000. The minister also said that Pravasi Chitti will be intensified in the post-Kovid period. The Minister has stated that the Third Loka Kerala Sabha will be convened after the implementation of the first phase of the Integrated Pravasi Employment Scheme. On this occasion, Dammam Navodaya greets the Left Government of Kerala along with the expatriates from all over the world.

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