Friday, February 26

Pravasi Raksha Insurance Scheme: Memorial Memorandum submitted

Dubai: The Overseas Malayalee Association (ORMA) has submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on the effectiveness of the Pravasi Raksha Insurance Scheme implemented by the Government of Kerala through Norca Roots. The project was welcomed by Orma Dubai.

Orma suggested the following suggestions to make this project more useful

1) Make it possible to use expatriate insurance for non-critical illnesses.

2) Provide higher amount of insurance for those who can pay higher premium.

3) Prepare the situation for families living abroad to take group insurance as a whole.

4) Create an opportunity to take out insurance for more than one year by paying the premium together for more than one year.

5) Those above 60 years of age cannot join the Expatriate Insurance Scheme at present. Change the age limit and create an environment where all expatriates can join.

General Secretary KV Sajeevan and President Anwar Shahi said that the suggestions received while approaching the people for inclusion of Pravasi Insurance were submitted through the Loka Kerala Sabha through the Orma Memorandum and it is hoped that they will be considered sympathetically.

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