Friday, February 26

Kovid: Salary cuts in Saudi Arabia revoked; No unpaid leave

Manama> In the case of Kovid, the Ministry of Labor has withdrawn the permission given to private sector companies in Saudi Arabia to reduce the salaries and working hours of their employees and to extend their leave. The ministry also said in the order that workers should not be forced to take unpaid leave. The decision comes in the backdrop of the country being free from Kovid.

The Ministry of Labor had directed the government to reach an agreement with the workers to reduce wages in favor of working hours in the event of a coup. Accordingly, on April 20 last year, a law was announced allowing wages and reduced working hours. This included allowing workers to take compulsory leave and extend leave.

In case the law is withdrawn, the old salary as per the contract should be restored. No compulsory reduction of working hours or compulsory leave. The ministry has directed that no unpaid leave be granted even with the written consent of the workers and that a complaint be lodged immediately. The ministry had earlier directed that companies receiving Kovid funding should not lay off employees.

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