Friday, February 26

130 crore in budget for expatriate welfare: Shakti Theaters approves govt

ABU DHABI: The 40th Annual Conference of Abu Dhabi Shakti Theaters commended the State Government for allocating Rs 130 crore in the budget for the welfare of NRIs and raising the welfare pension of NRIs to Rs 3,500.

The government has set aside Rs 100 crore for the Integrated Pravasi Employment Scheme and Rs 30 crore for relief work.
In addition, the decision of the Panchayats and Municipalities to hold a Pravasi Online Meeting in July and to formulate action plans by codifying the list and requirements of returnees and those intending to return from abroad is most welcome.

The conference assessed that the budget shows that the Left government, which became the caretaker of the country during the Kovid crisis, is also looking after the care of the expatriate Malayalees.

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