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Shakthi Theaters Officers: TK Manoj President, Zafarullah Palappetti General Secretary

Abu Dhabi> The 40th Annual General Body Meeting of Abu Dhabi Shakti Theaters, a leading progressive arts, literature and cultural organization in the Gulf, elected its office bearers for the period 2020-2022. The Annual General Body Meeting held at the Kerala Social Center was convened by LDF Convener A.K. Vijayaraghavan inaugurated the function.

He said that progressive organizations should take the initiative to lead a life of acceptance among others and to preserve the progressive values ​​of those engaged in various occupations and to uphold humanity with confidence by embracing the glorious historical land of Kerala. Vijayaraghavan said.

Shakti Theaters President Adv. Ansari Zainuddin and former presidents A. K. Beerankutty, V. P. Krishnakumar, n. V. Mohanan, Literary Department Asst. The Presidium, headed by Secretary Bindu Shobi, oversaw the proceedings. General Secretary K. V. Basheer and Treasurer Manoranjan presented the annual reports.

The meeting elected an 81-member Central Committee and a 16-member Central Executive. T. K. Manoj (President), Govindan Namboothiri, Hamsakunju (Vice Presidents), Zafarulla Palappetti (General Secretary), Harris CMP, Abhilash P. V. (Joint Secretaries), Salim Cholamukhath (Treasurer), Rani Stalin (Assistant Treasurer), Anwar Babu (Arts Secretary), Nasser Akalad (Assistant Arts Secretary), Baburaj Thiruvazhikkad (Literary Section Secretary), Biju Thundiyil (Assistant Literary Section) Secretary), Shaheer Hamza (Sports Secretary), Aji Kumar (Assistant Sports Secretary), Shijina Kannandas (Media & IT Secretary) and Vijesh Karthikeyan (Social Welfare Secretary).
General Secretary KV Basheer welcomed the gathering and Sports Secretary Thampan thanked them.

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