Friday, February 26

1.80 lakh visas expired in Kuwait

Kuwait City> The number of visa violators is increasing in Kuwait. 1. 80 lakh expatriates do not currently have valid visas, the Home Ministry said.

As of August, there were 1.30 lakh visa violators. But in four months, another 50,000 people became no longer valid visa holders. This includes those whose visas have expired, those whose visas have been revoked, and those who have arrived on visitor visas.

Kuwait has until January 31 to rectify the status of visa violators. Kovid reported that in March, time was allowed for residence law violators to be subject to the residence law. It was later extended several times.

With just days to go, more than half have not availed the benefit. In the current situation, it is difficult to send them back from the country. Kuwait has banned travel to 35 countries.

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