Thursday, April 8

Gulf Travelers: Central Government’s New Covid Standards Should Be Reviewed – Qatar Culture

Doha> Qatar’s cultural statement said that the central government’s new proposals for international travel as part of the Kovid restrictions are making life difficult for expatriates and should be reviewed.

The Central Government has proposed that those coming from the Middle East, the UK and Europe, including the Gulf, be required to re-test at their own expense at airports arriving in India in addition to the Kovid Negative Certificate issued within 72 hours of departure from their countries of departure. It has been in effect since last day. In addition to the Kovid test, which costs a lot of money abroad, the cost of the test at home is beyond the reach of ordinary expatriates.

Furthermore, this guideline does not allow for a waiver on the Kovid test and the 14-day quarantine in the case of those who have been vaccinated with the Kovid vaccine. In the case of such passengers, concessions on the Kovid test and quarantine are essential. Most countries offer concessions. The quarantine provisions have not been relaxed for those staying in the country for less than fourteen days. In the case of such people, if they do not get relief, their journey will be made useless.

In addition, those traveling in connection with the death of a family member are required to apply in advance through the Delhi Airport website to travel without a Kovid negative certificate and the decision taken by the authorities will be final. But this provision will make it difficult for expatriates who need urgent travel. This provision should be withdrawn or mitigated immediately. Many people visit India daily to attend the funerals of their relatives. The statement said the Delhi airport website alone was “inadequate” to make an urgent decision.

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