Wednesday, April 7

Mega Blood Donation Camp led by ‘Orma’

UAE> Megablood Donation Camp is organized by ‘Orma’, a leading cultural group in the UAE. The camp will be held at the Latifa Hospital in Dubai from 8 am to 5 pm on Friday, February 26, in memory of Bose Kunchery, a social activist and member of the Orma Executive, who was a pioneer in Kovid defense and died of Kovid.

In the context of Kovid, the camp has set up a blood donation facility for more than 400 people with the aim of maximizing assistance to the Department of Health in preventive measures, ensuring that the protocol given by the UAE Ministry of Health regarding blood donation is strictly adhered to.

Those who are willing to donate blood and participate in this great endeavor are requested to contact 050 724 94 34, 055 571 25 50, 055 7416382 for more information.

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