Tuesday, April 6

The Central Government should end its harassment of expatriates: Keli

Riyadh> The Secretariat of the Riyadh Sports and Cultural Venue said in a statement that the continued actions of the Central Government in harassing expatriates under the cover of Kovid are reprehensible and cannot be accepted. The Central Government is taking steps to make it very difficult for the expatriates to return home after enduring many hardships.

The Central Government’s February 22 order stipulates that expatriates coming from abroad must undergo an RTPCR negative certificate within 72 hours of arrival and undergo a conformative molecular test at the airport after landing. Expatriates who spend more than Rs 5,000 abroad get Kovid test and get a negative certificate. After that, forcing another test close to Rs 2,000 again within 72 hours is a serious insult to the expatriates. The fact that this condition applies to both corona vaccine holders and young children does not bother expatriates who plan to return home as a family from abroad.

As part of its efforts to curb the spread of corona, Kovid initially withdrew the requirement that foreigners come with a negative certificate following widespread protests. Right-wing organizations, which at the time staged widespread protests against the Kerala government as an opportunity to stab them, do not even pretend to have seen these unjust conditions imposed by the Central Government. Keli also demanded that such organizations be prepared to respond to the forest policies of the central government.

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