Tuesday, April 6

Agricultural law should be repealed: Synchronization

Toronto> The Coordinating Cultural Association, a progressive cultural organization of Canadian Malayalees, has demanded that the Government of India withdraw its controversial agricultural law that only protects the interests of big corporates. The Coordinating Annual Conference declared solidarity with the peasantry fighting against the law.

President Shajesh Purushothaman presided over the meeting, which was convened via an online video conference due to the Kovid lockdown. Secretary Pradeep Chennampallil presented the report and Treasurer Aneesh Joseph presented the accounts. Suraj Athippatta and Sayona Sangeeth spoke. Ranjith Suri welcomed and Aneesh Alex thanked.

Shahjesh Purushothaman was re-elected president and Pradeep Chennampallil was re-elected secretary. Other office bearers below. Vice Presidents: Ranjith Suri and Sabu Manimaleth. Joint Secretaries: Suraj Athippatta, Aneesh Alex, Treasurer: Aneesh Joseph. Secretariat Members: Sayona Sangeeth, Saju Evans. Committee Members: Hubert Jerome, Sarath Ramanan, Ashish Wilfred, Sunilkumar Vasudevan, Sajilal and Wasim Said.

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