Tuesday, April 6

Kovid condition: Central government order should be withdrawn – Muscat Kairali

Muscat> Muscat Kairali has strongly protested against the central government’s policy of harassing expatriates.

According to a new regulation issued by the Central Government on February 18, expatriates coming to India are required to have a RTPCR Covid Negative Certificate of 72 hours of travel and another Covid test immediately upon landing at the domestic airport. After spending more than Rs 5,000 to conduct a Kovid test abroad and get a negative certificate and start the journey home, it is a great insult to the expatriates to be forced to spend another Rs 1700 within 72 hours for another test.

Kovid has imposed a huge financial burden on the expatriates while harassing expatriates by imposing high air fares.

The Kairali Secretariat also demanded that the expatriates’ relatives and the natives protest against the Central Government’s actions which have again caused great hardship to the expatriates who have returned home after suffering many hardships including job and salary losses during the Kovid period. The February 18 order should be withdrawn immediately.

The misinformation spread by some against the state government under the guise of the central government’s anti-expatriate measures is reprehensible. Some are deliberately propagating that it was the Kerala government that made the test compulsory without protesting against them and without naming the BJP government in Kerala, as it was the Center that imposed such a condition. The statement said that the expatriates should realize that such a campaign is being hatched by those who are supporting the Kolibi alliance in the wake of the Assembly elections in Kerala.

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