Thursday, April 8

Kuwait’s 60th National Day without celebrations; Thirtieth anniversary of liberation from Iraq

Kuwait City> The 60th National Day of the Nation is without celebrations Passing. Kovid epidemic It was in this context that the government decided to abandon the celebrations altogether. It also marks the thirtieth anniversary of the country’s liberation from the Iraqi occupation. Celebrations are usually held on a large scale in the country these days. But this year Death of former Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah The glory of the celebration has been leaked.

The streets, though without gatherings and other festivities Decorate and hang flags on houses and buildings to show their love for the country. Expatriates expressing this opportunity Congratulations to Kuwait. 1961 June 19Although Kuwait gained independence from Britain, it is still the architect of modern Kuwait The inauguration ceremony of Emir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah was held 1950 February 25To maintain my memory level Two years later, the day of celebration is February 25 Was changed to. Later 1990 In Iraq, Kuwait conquered Kuwait 1991 February 26 The last Iraq February with the commemoration of the day the war tanker crossed the border and liberated the country 25 26 Days for the Kuwaiti people The festivities were doubly sweet. Initiated by the old rulers Development activities are more active Sheikh Mishal, the Crown Prince of the new Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Jaber Sabah, is about to continue. Aimed at the ruling leadership led by al-Ahmad al-Jaber Sabah.

Although there are no official celebrations anyway, People get together Heavy security is in place everywhere as it can lead to the spread of disease Prepared by the authorities. And bans No difficultiesBoth locals and foreigners are looking forward to the celebrations next year.

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