Thursday, April 8

A government that stays put in crisis; The move to make the Kovid check free for expatriates is welcome: Orma

‘Orma’ praises Kerala government’s move to make RTPCR check-free for expatriates arriving at airports in Dubai, Kerala Orma’s secretary Sajeevan KV and president Anwar Shahi said that Pinarayi was grateful to the government for holding the expatriates together in such crisis situations.

From February 23, the Central Government had issued new rules regarding the travel of expatriates to India. According to this, everyone, including children, has to take the RTPCR test within 72 hours of departure.

In a statement, NK Kunjumuhammed, Loka Kerala Sabha member and patron of ‘Orma’, had demanded that the Kerala government intervene sympathetically in the matter. Following this, the state government has taken steps to reduce the burden on expatriates. The ‘Orma’ officials welcomed the decision and said they were confident that more expatriate friendship measures would be taken by the state.

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