Saturday, April 10

Expatriate LDF activists in Australia join the CM’s election campaign

Perth> Expatriate LDF activists in Perth, Australia will join the election campaign in Kerala led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for continued rule. Expatriate LDF activists took part in the campaign on Sunday afternoon at the Sandringham Promenade in Canning Veil. The meeting assessed that the actions of the Pinarayi government, which aims only at the comprehensive development of the state of Kerala, are a model for the world, despite all the short-lived allegations made by the opposition parties.

When the crises of Oki, Nippa, the two great floods and Kovid came one by one, the will of Kerala was held together and all security was ensured by the will of the Chief Minister alone. The Government of Kerala, with the help of Central Government Investigation Agencies, is constantly striving to weaken the development of all sectors. Overcoming all this, the government is moving ahead with development activities.

The activists said they would continue to engage in social media to bring the government’s development and welfare activities to the community, and would try to increase the majority of Left candidates by making constant phone calls to relatives and friends in the country.


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