Monday, April 5

An oil tanker caught fire in Jizan during a shelling attack

Manama> An unknown shell (projectile) exploded and set fire to a fuel tanker in Jizan, Saudi Arabia. No injuries or damage were reported. Crude oil prices rose to $ 62 a barrel in international markets following the attack.

The Saudi Energy Ministry said a projectile attack on an oil tanker in Jizan took place at 9.08pm on Thursday. However, the ministry did not say who carried out the attack. It is not clear where the oil tanker was attacked in Jizan. The attack comes on the sixth anniversary of the Yemeni civil war. But no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Meanwhile, eight drones loaded with explosives were sent to Saudi Arabia by Huthi rebels in Yemen on Thursday afternoon. The Saudi air defense said it was targeting universities in Jizan and Najran. The troops destroyed the drones before they could see the target.

Jizan Yemen, a major Red Sea port city in southwestern Saudi Arabia, is also very close by. Saudi Aramco’s latest refinery with a capacity of four lakh barrels per day is located in Jizan.
The Saudis announced their readiness for a ceasefire in Yemen last Sunday, but the Houthis have not responded favorably.

This is the third time this month that oil fields in Saudi Arabia have been attacked. The Aramco refinery in Riyadh caught fire following a drone strike last Friday. The Houthi militia has attacked the Aramco oil plant in the port of Rastanura in the eastern province and the Aramco workers’ residence in Dhahran for the past eight years.

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