Thursday, April 8

Oman extends amnesty until June 30

In Muscat Amnesty extends amnesty in Oman until June 30 The Ministry of Labor said that the extension was for another three months in the Kovid context and that those without residences should register within this period.

The amnesty was extended as the term was due to end on March 31. This is the fourth extension of the amnesty announced on November 15 last year. Those who have got the out pass can also return by June 30. Illegal occupants staying after the amnesty period will be fined.

As of Wednesday, 65,173 expatriates had registered for amnesty. Of these, 46,355 returned home.

Work permit fees and illegal residence fines will not be levied on those who leave the country under the amnesty. Passport and Resident Card holders can also avail this benefit.

In the context of Kovid, private companies have also been allowed to dismiss foreigners whose employment contracts have expired.

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