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The Left government should continue to comfort the expatriates and their families – expatriate organizations

Abu Dhabi: Expatriate organizations in Abu Dhabi have said in a joint statement that the Left government, which has been a source of comfort to expatriates in times of crisis, needs expatriates and their families to depend on them.

When the expatriates were in crisis after the lockdown was announced in India and abroad following Kovid, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s comforting words, “You don’t have to worry about the family. We can take care of them and take care of your health.”

When the propaganda that Kovid was being spread by expatriates was widespread, the Chief Minister gave the courage to the expatriates to resist the propaganda by saying, “The more Keralites we are, the more Keralites are expatriates.”

The government has given Rs 5,000 each to expatriates who are unable to return to work due to lockdown on leave from foreign countries and Rs 10,000 each to expatriate Malayalees affected by Kovid in foreign countries.

During the height of the Kovid outbreak, the government provided quarantine facilities, essential items, food, treatment and medicine free of cost to the returnees. The Left government in Kerala took an exemplary stand as other states turned their backs on their native expatriates.

While the Central Government has made it compulsory for expatriates returning to India to check in and out of the airport within 72 hours of departure, the State Government has made the RTPCR Kovid test for expatriates landing at the airport in Kerala free of cost.
When the Left came to power, the expatriate welfare pension was only Rs. The Left government completed five years by raising it to Rs 3,500.

The Left Democratic Front has included more than 20 election promises in its manifesto exclusively for expatriates, including a promise to increase the expatriate welfare pension to Rs 5,000.
Members of the Loka Kerala Sabha said that the experience of the last five years has shown that the promises made by the Left are not just about winning elections. K. Beerankutty, Babu Vadakara, Kerala Social Center President V. P. Krishnakumar, General Secretary Laina Mohammad, Shakthi Theaters Abu Dhabi Acting President Govindan Namboothiri, General Secretary Zafarulla Palappetti and Yuvakalasahithi President M. Suneer, General Secretary Manu Kainakari, IMCC President N. M. Abdullah General Secretary Nabeel Ahmed and Friends of Shastra Sahitya Parishad President Sherin Vijayan and General Secretary Sheena Sunil commented in a joint statement.

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