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Unparalleled development by the government; Win the Left: LDF Kuwait

Kuwait City: The LDF government in Kuwait has said that the Modi government is taking a tough communal stance to destroy secularism and divide the people in India. The LDF in Kuwait told a news conference that the Left in India was taking a strong stand against this.

Elections to the 15th Assembly will be held on April 6. This election is a battle between two political parties. The BJP at the Center is adopting a policy of completely subordinating the country’s economy to the private sector to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. This policy was first implemented in India by the Congress. Today, the BJP is pursuing these policies very aggressively. Part of this is that the Congress supports all the anti-people policies adopted by the BJP.

For the last 5 years in Kerala, the Left Democratic Front government led by Pinarayi Vijayan has carried out unparalleled development activities. It is widely accepted that Kerala is the least corrupt state in India. The LDF government has been able to create a new awakening in all sectors. The Pinarayi government was able to make huge strides in all the areas destroyed by the UDF government during 2011-2016.

Education, health, employment, making public sector enterprises profitable, development of national highways, completion of GAIL cooking gas line, K phone, expatriates have never been considered by the government before. Numerous examples can be cited, such as the increase in the Expatriate Welfare Fund pension, financial assistance to expatriates who were displaced during the Kovid period, the complete freeing of Kovid treatment, and the rehabilitation of returning expatriates.

It is the duty of every expatriate to ensure that this government, which is completely expatriate friendly, continues to govern. The manner in which the LDF government dealt with the catastrophic floods in the state and Kovid is world famous. Kerala recognizes that it stood by the people of the state by protecting them at such a juncture. But the UDF, which has lost its weapon to make proper political criticism of the government, has joined hands with the BJP to launch a smear campaign.

Central agencies are being used for this. All this was rejected by the people in the local body elections in Kerala, yet the UDF has now reached an electoral agreement with the BJP without going back. When the people of Kerala stand united to defeat this and create a new Kerala, the expatriates also need to take part in it.
Kala Kuwait, Kerala Association, IMCC Kuwait, Pravasi Kerala Congress (M) and Janata Cultural Center have been working together for a month to ensure the victory of the LDF.

14 district committees were formed and the convention was convened online. Hundreds of people attended. Subsequently, 140 Assembly constituency committees were formed and conventions and other campaign activities were carried out. As part of the campaign, the Nava Madhyam Samiti has set up a Facebook page called Kuwait. Campaign boards have been set up in most of the constituencies across the country.

The current situation is that the expatriates are united in saying that continued rule is assured. The LDF Kuwaiti unit appealed to all expatriates to win the Left Democratic Front.

Chairman – Lal
General Convener – CK Noushad
Vice: Chairman – Sathar Kunnil
Convenors – Adv: Subin Arakkal, Abdul Wahab
Pravasi Kshemanidi Board Director – N Ajith Kumar also participated

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