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Left rule essential for expatriate welfare; Navodaya Eastern Province

The Navodaya Eastern Province appealed to all expatriates to register to vote for the Left Democratic Front and come to power with a large majority. “The Kerala we see is the result of the sweat and tears shed by lakhs of Malayalees in the desert”. These are the words of the present Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at the last election campaign meeting held in Thiruvananthapuram in 2016. This was not just a word, the expatriate pension which was only Rs.500 was increased to Rs.2000 within days of coming to power. In the last budget, it was announced that this would be increased to Rs 3,500 crore and in the next phase it will be increased to Rs 5,000 crore. It is commendable that during the Kovid period, help desks were set up by expatriate organizations to bring food and medicine to the expatriates who were isolated abroad.

During the Kovid period, more than one lakh expatriates who could not return were given financial assistance. Expatriates who had to return home in case of emergency were repatriated on special flights. Free quarantine facility was provided to the homeless. Kovid treatment was free. Kerala is currently the only state in India to have made the Kovid test completely free of charge for travel compulsory by the Central Government. Thus, the Pinarayi government has given care to the expatriates like nowhere else in the world.

The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLoka Kerala Sabha was implemented with the objective of uniting the global Malayalees on one platform based on the conviction that the problems of the expatriates are different. Eight of the 10 proposals put forward by the seven subject committees have been implemented. The government has formulated and implemented several schemes to make their rehabilitation a reality. Many people are able to earn a living through subsidized and interest free loan schemes through NDPREM.

It is the beginning of a dividend scheme for investing money in infrastructure development projects. We are working hand in hand with expatriate organizations to start small and large scale commercial ventures using the skills and investment opportunities of the returning expatriates. Launched by the NORKA Department in 1996, the NORKA Route provides comfort, identity card, free ambulance and insurance schemes. Implement the Welfare Board Pension and Dividend Scheme launched in 2010. . To date, not a single expatriate welfare scheme has been implemented in Kerala without the signature of the Left government. Continuity is essential to sustain this and to formulate new plans. Therefore, the Navodaya Eastern Province urges all expatriates to vote for the Left Democratic Front and come to power with a large majority in the April 6 elections.

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