Saturday, April 3

The ‘Sure Expatriate Welfare’ handbook is noteworthy

Muscat: Pravasi Kshemanidi Board Director PM Jabir has prepared a handbook titled ‘Sure Pravasi Kshemam’. It was released by CPI (M) state committee member Dr V Sivadasan at an online function on the occasion of AKG Day.

Distributed in PDF format. These notes range from the establishment of a special department in the world for their expatriates as part of the exile, to the establishment of the global model of the ‘Loka Kerala Sabha’, which does justice to the United Nations Convention on Migration, which can be described as the Magna Carta of Migrant Workers. It details the expatriate welfare schemes and the various benefits available to expatriates. It is designed to be used as a hand book for expatriate workers. Publishers said they will send it via WhatsApp or Messenger to those who need it.

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