Wednesday, April 7

PCR testing in Bahrain has been waived for passengers who have received the Kovid vaccine

Manama> Kovid Vaccine Certificate Passengers Avoid PCR Check Upon Arrival in Bahrain. The Medical Task Force said that since Eid, coronavirus testing has been avoided for them and those suffering from Kovid disease. Covid Vaccine Certificate must be presented on the ‘B Aware’ app.

Currently, those coming to Bahrain are required to undergo three Kovid RT-PCR checks on the day of arrival, the fifth day and the tenth day. It costs 36 dinars (approximately Rs. 7,110) at the airport.

Indoor cinema halls and spas will be open from Eid. Only those who have been vaccinated and are cured will be allowed to enter. This also applies to indoor dining in restaurants and cafes, indoor gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, indoor entertainment halls for children, public halls, and public participation in sports. Admission is open to children under 18 years of age who accompany them. The task force said those without a vaccine certificate would not have access.

Covid vaccine is certified on the 14th day after receiving the second dose. Covid healers must produce proof of it. You can dine outside in restaurants and cafes while keeping a social distance. This also applies to open gymnasiums, playgrounds, outdoor swimming pools, outdoor entertainment venues and cinema halls.

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