Green Technology Startups And Entrepreneurship

Green Technology Startups And Entrepreneurship

In an era when our planet is facing pressing environmental challenges, startups must rise to the occasion by developing groundbreaking solutions that ... Read more »

Home and Garden: Latest Trends and Tips for a Refreshing Living Space

Introduction: In today's fast-paced world, our homes have become our sanctuaries, and our gardens have become an extension of our living spaces. As the seasons change, so do the trends and ideas... Read more »
How can technology and transparency shape our planet's future?

How can technology and transparency shape our planet’s future?

Sustainability embodies the aspiration to conserve the environment, promote social fairness, and foster economic prosperity. It acts as a guiding ... Read more »

It’s BBQ season: Do you know where your beef came from?

... for T-bone steaks and spareribs with your concern for the environment. ... treatment and recycling system from Bion Environmental Technologies ... Read more »

The Future of Refrigeration: Solid State Cooling and its Environmental Impact

Solid-state cooling technology is a revolutionary advancement in the field of refrigeration. Unlike conventional cooling systems that rely on ... Read more »
air purification ionizer

How to Choose the Right Negative Ion Air Purifier for Your Home

What are negative ions and how do they work? Negative ions are particles that have been charged with electricity. They are created when atoms or molecules gain or lose electrons. Negative ions... Read more »
Not house facades in Ingolstadt

Internationally renowned artists have designed four house facades in Ingolstadt

Four murals, visible from afar, have been created over the past few weeks as part of the Landmark Project in Ingolstadt. The Landmarks Project 2022 has come to an end with the... Read more »
San Francisco House

Telecommuting driving house prices in US

According to experts, homes are now worth 24% more, computing the time span from November 2019 to November 2021. Telecommuting has a lot to do with this growth. The information was revealed,... Read more »
Weber Gas BBQ

Reinventing the Barbecue

Thanks to technology, Weber smart barbecues allow you to cook elaborate recipes with the perfect point beyond the traditional grilled meat. With an eye on the phone, we can control the cooking.... Read more »

You can sow and harvest these vegetables this winter

During the summer you are probably constantly busy in your vegetable garden, but in the winter things are often just dreary. Fortunately, there are several vegetables that you can sow in autumn... Read more »