Autumn is approaching the perfect time to give your garden an update

Autumn garden

If you want to take care of your garden, you are in the right place in the coming period. Autumn is the best time to (re)plant trees and plants. When exactly can you start? And which pitfalls should you watch out for?

Many people like to brighten up their gardens in spring, but it's better to start now. People have forgotten that. There is a lot of advertising in the spring and therefore you may think that it can only be done during that period. But the fall and winter are better. Sap streams have settled down then.

Currently, we are not quite there yet, says planting specialist Miriam Spermon of idverde Advies. It is now on the early side. Trees are at rest the moment the leaves have fallen off. The best months are October and November. The soil is still nice and warm then, too. Plants can fully focus on forming a root package. This is very important for later growth.

Be well advised

In the meantime, if you are looking for a suitable tree or shrub, take into account the size of your garden and the growth that will occur in the coming years. People are still tempted to plant too big a tree, but this creates new problems. Think too little light on your solar panels, leaves in your gutter, or tiles being pushed up. It's best to get advice from a good nurseryman.

Plants have already taken a hit from the hot summer, so it's best not to weaken them further. If you already have a plant or tree that threatens to get too big, then winter is a convenient time for action. On average, that is the best time to prune. But there are also plants that you should wait until they have borne fruit, for example.

Many exceptions can be found. Of course, it saves a lot of work if you first find out if you have enough space in your garden. Then you also don't have to keep a plant or tree artificially small.

Tips for prolonged drought

You have to be a little more careful about shortening at the moment anyway. Plants have already taken a hit from the hot summer. So it's better not to weaken them further. The water shortage has not gone away yet, despite the recent rain. So try to retain water in the soil as well.

Mulching is a very good measure for this fall. You then put a litter of leaves or compost on top of the soil. That soil then becomes airier and better able to absorb rainwater. Therefore, leave leaves as much as possible. You get them for free. A tree is a system that can keep itself going. By losing its leaves, it feeds itself again.

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