British Tech Company Completes Merger with Canadian ESG Capital Markets Firm

British Tech Company Completes Merger with Canadian ESG Capital Markets Firm

Earlier today, British technology company Change block announced the completion of its merger with the Toronto-based ESG capital markets company Carbon12. Change block provides tools for producing and trading offsets. Through the acquisition, Change block will be able to reach a larger global audience and expand its business overseas.

With the help of Changeblock’s technology, businesses may create credits faster, facilitating ESG investments and boosting the performance of clean-tech enterprises. Investors can access innovative green initiatives that are streamlined and vetted, enabling the production and placement of special credits on the Change block platform. Beyond carbon, the company enables businesses to develop, sell, generate, and collect data for environmental credits for carbon mitigation and plastics, maritime conservation, biological, nitrogen, sulfur, and other emissions, and biodiversity assets.

“We let the data do the talking, and in doing so, we create the highest-value environmental credits on the market,” said Change block CEO Billy Richards. “We are confident that clean-tech companies will embrace our platform as we develop the economic narrative to fight climate change and support the transition to a more sustainable future.

Carbon12 founding partner Eugene Kogan, who now serves as Executive Chairman of Change block, said, “We are faced with the need to act rapidly to ensure that global warming and other environmental threats do not run away from us and create irreparable harm to the global ecosystem. This urgent need creates an incredible opportunity for the private sector to help achieve these climate goals. The Change block platform addresses everything that makes the current environmental markets ineffective, a claim validated by the rapidly growing number of buyers and sellers looking to utilize our platform. We are well positioned to capitalize on this massive opportunity.”


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