New Bacteria-Killing Superfoam Can Help With Oil Spills, Other Environmental Disasters …

New Bacteria-Killing Superfoam Can Help With Oil Spills, Other Environmental Disasters ...

A new bacteria-killing superfoam was developed by scientists at the University of Georgia.

This new material can be used for medical and environmental purposes. They shared their innovation during the institution's press release on Wednesday, Apr. 26.

Involved scientists described the new super foam as a “spongy Swiss Army knife,” saying that it can repel water.

New Bacteria-Killing Superfoam

Involved scientists experienced some struggles developing the new bacteria-killing superfoam.

New Bacteria-Killing Superfoam Can Help in Oil Spills, Other Environmental Disasters! How Does It Work?

(Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Medical Research and Development/Getty Images)
A microscopic view of stained anthrax bacteria in an undated photo from the Command at Fort Detrick, Md. A Florida man has been hospitalized with inhalation anthrax. Authorities have discounted terrorism as the cause of the bacterial infection in Florida.

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“Making a multifunctional and versatile surface is an extremely challenging task,” said UGA School of Chemical, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering Associate Prof. Hitesh Handa via Interesting Engineering.

He added that it is easy to find a material that is only anti-microbial. The professor further stated that materials for blood clotting prevention are widely available as well.

But, to create a material that is antimicrobial, anticlotting, and antifouling all at the same is a significant step on current standards, as explained by Hitesh.

To create the new super foam, Hitesh and his team combined different fillers; water-repellant electrically conductive nanoplatelets and hydrophobic bactericidal copper microparticles.

Superfoam's Capabilities

Based on their study, which was published in the ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces journal, the new super foam material had a 99.9% bacterial reduction capability.

With this ability, the super foam is expected to improve the health outcomes of over 500,000 patients, especially those who have healthcare-related infections caused by implants.

Aside from this, their tests showed that the new super foam is also effective when it comes to removing organic pollutants from water.

“The multifunctional properties are what inspired this, then developing that and showcasing all of its abilities,” said Mark Garren, a co-author of the study.

The arrival of the super foam will be critical during clean-ups after environmental disasters happen. It will also be important in medical applications as some medical devices are prone to contamination.

If you want to learn more about the new super foam material, you can visit this link.

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