Nike debuts new adaptive, breathable apparel technology

Nike debuts new adaptive, breathable apparel technology

The Nike Explore Team and Nike Sport Research Lab have created a new apparel technology called Aerogami, which is said to use a venting system that autonomously adapts to the wearer’s needs.

Nike explains its new technology, which is being debated in a running jacket, is designed to solve the problem of regulating body temperature and ventilation while running in a jacket.

Aerogami aims to provide consumers with breathable performance gear and on-demand ventilation. It’s designed to interact with the body in real-time as the wearer warms up, sweats, and then cools down.

The material uses moisture-reactive vents that autonomously open and close upon sensing sweat against the body. The venting system is across the chest and back of the garment — two of the areas where runners heat up and sweat most — allowing airflow to travel through the jacket as they move.

In fact, the US brand explains this technology was created based on testing that was carried out in the Nike Sport Research Lab environmental chamber and using data visualization from runners’ heat and sweat maps.

The vent placement, therefore, varies between the women’s and men’s jackets to accommodate gender-specific needs, such as vents on the women’s jacket being placed around in the area where a sports bra sits.

Jahan Behbahany, senior apparel innovation product manager in Nike’s Advanced Innovation Collective said: “We know feeling too warm, uncomfortable, and distracted while wearing a running jacket is a common challenge many runners face, so we were obsessed with developing an innovative solution that gives them increased breathability without compromising style and protection.”

He explained that Aerogami is the latest example of Nike’s culture of innovation focused on solving the timeless needs of runners.

He continued: “What’s great about this technology is not only can the athlete feel the benefit, but they can also see it.”

The new jacket also features Storm-Fit ADV, which is described as Nike’s performance-apparel material designed to help protect runners from wind and rain.

The women’s Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket is being released next month on Nike’s official website and at select retailers and the men’s jacket is being released in autumn.

Last week, Nike adopted the certified Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) in its product range.


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