Universities, knowledge-based firms effective to curbenvironmental challenges

TEHRAN – One of the most effective, efficient, and economic strategies to curb environmental challenges is to use the capacities of universities, research institutes, and knowledge-based and creative companies, Ali Salajeqeh, Department of Environment (DOE) has said.

He made the remarks at the 20th international environmental exhibition (Iran Environment 2022) in Tehran from November 20 to 23.

Preservation of the environment and natural resources in today’s world is tied to human beings' physical and mental health. He said it is unimaginable to live a healthy, fresh life in an environment filled with pollution and diseases.

The importance of protecting the environment in the long-lasting Iranian culture has been emphasized, while mentioned in Article 50 of the Constitution, he noted, adding, the government approach also emphasizes that the environment is before development.

Undoubtedly, one of the most effective, efficient, and economic strategies for curbing environmental challenges is to use the capacities of universities, research institutes, and knowledge-based and innovative companies to provide the basis for achieving sustainable development by relying on science and knowledge and the development of new technologies, he highlighted.

The current Iranian year (March 2022-March 2023) is designated as “The Year of Production: Knowledge-Based and Job-Creating”, so the DOE has also prepared its outline policy with the slogan of “Environment of basic, smart and technological people”, which shows special attention to the use of technological capacities, and knowledge-based to transform environmental threats into entrepreneurship opportunities, employment and wealth generation for the country.

Based on this, the Iran Environment 2022 is considered a scientific and expert gathering to get acquainted with the creative achievements of talented young people, as well as the consensus of scientists and environmental experts to solve environmental challenges and problems in the extremes of the country, he also noted.

The environment of basic, smart, and technological people

Organized by the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, Innovation and Prosperity Fund, National Environment Fund, and Tehran Municipality, the event is held to promote the role of knowledge-based companies, businesses, and green jobs in environmental protection and to introduce the latest environmental achievements.

Another goal of this exhibition is a meaningful link and direct and bilateral communication between domestic producers of environmental products and foreign consumers to support domestic production and reduce dependence on similar foreign products.
In this exhibition, new and high-tech facilities in the field of environment are introduced in the management of air, water, soil, energy, and other sectors.

Also, energy efficiency and renewable energy management, waste management and recycling, urban management, monitoring and implementation of environmental projects, electronic banking, research projects, environmental protection services, public transportation and optimization, fuel consumption, and current environmental standards in various fields, environmental measures of industries, preservation of natural resources, green construction and other technical, engineering and technological fields will be among the most important fields of the 20th International Environmental Exhibition.


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