Climate Tech: Is It Worth Investing In?

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One of the most popular words these days is “sustainable.” You hear it in almost every industry, sustainable fashion, technology, energy, etc.

Consumers are beginning to consider human implications for the environment and want to do business with companies that also value the climate. Technology is growing, and adapting to the planet needs to help lessen the impact, hence the need for more investment in climate technology.

What is climate tech?

Climate technologies focus explicitly on reducing GHG emissions or activities that contribute to global warming. They are technologies that combat climate change by mitigating global greenhouse gas emissions and reducing future emissions.

Some initiatives involved in climate technology are:

Agri-Tech: It helps mitigate greenhouse gases with initiatives such as reducing livestock manure, using fewer pesticides, and improving crop-growing processes. A good example is Aeroponics.

Afforestation: it helps to assist carbon capture. The idea is to create new forests so trees can reduce carbon dioxide and add oxygen to the air, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, organizations can work with the timber industry to help restore trees in degraded areas.

Carbon capture: carbon dioxide is the main gas contributing to climate change and global warming. Carbon capture involves capturing and preventing carbon from entering the environment to reduce its impact. Manufacturers are using this initiative by storing carbon and turning it into hydrogen for power with minimal or zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Geoengineering: you can also call this climate engineering. The aim here is to alter the climate system to reduce the effects of climate change. The way this happens is to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by capturing the gas and storing it below ground. An example of this initiative is solar radiation management.


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