Multi-Layer Optical Disc Storage Technology Revolutionizes Disc Storage Technology

Multilayer Disk Storage

Hard drives are an integral part of any computer system, and there are several varieties of hard drives with varying storage capacities and security features that come in handy when using external devices like Blu-Ray.

But if a new technology offered by a startup succeeds, we may soon be saying goodbye to today's hard drives and storage units, which are built on a series of cartridges or disks that together give an enormous storage capacity as yet unimagined; the layers are the key.

And now the startup Folio Photonics wants to enter the file storage market with a cartridge in the style of the Nintendo classics.

engineering team has pioneered a new approach to optical storage that overcomes historical limitations

Our talented engineering team has pioneered a new approach to optical storage that overcomes historical limitations and brings unprecedented cost, cybersecurity and sustainability benefits within reach, according to CEO Steven.

high-performance alternative to current drives

The company claims to offer an optimal, highly cost-effective, high-performance alternative to current drives, and yet one of its multi-layer preliminary cartridges can hold up to 100 TB of data, or nearly three times the storage of a current dense Blu-Ray disc.

And it seems that its secret key is the cartridge's many optical layers: traditional Blu-Ray discs are three or four layers and have been for 20 years. Our first product will be eight layers per side, which means we will have a 16-layer double-sided disc, he adds.

New storage technology with many advantages Furthermore, he clarifies that unlike current hard disk and data storage, his product is impervious to electromagnetic disruption, radiation damage, salt water, and also against extreme temperatures.

Earlier this year we started writing on a five- and six-layer disc and now we are announcing that we are writing on an eight-layer disc, he adds. This is what people said we couldn't do because so many had failed before us.

Thus, data storage on a computer could change over the next few years if this new multi-layered technology prospers on cartridges or disks that we thought were a thing of the past.

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