Drone Technology Optimizes Times In Rural Electrification Works

Drone Technology Optimizes Times In Rural Electrification Works

To optimize times and reduce environmental impact in the construction of rural electrification works in the department of La Paz, the National Electricity Company (ENDE Corporation) implemented unmanned aerial vehicle technology, also known as drones.

These modern devices are useful for laying conductors, generally in difficult-to-access terrain that arises in the construction of electrical networks, as recently occurred in the La Asunta municipality, La Paz, during the last week of July. The electrification works in this area will conclude this month and will benefit the communities of Agua Clara and San Juan de Naranjani.

The objective of incorporating drones in the laying of conductors is to facilitate and optimize the work to expand the service in rugged and difficult-to-access areas. This technology also avoids and reduces forest pruning and thus contributes to reducing the environmental impact in the sector.

Another notable benefit is reducing occupational risks, since the use of drones avoids risks to ENDE's technical staff on routes through ravines, mountainous terrain, and rugged paths with dense vegetation. On the other hand, with the use of this technology, the execution times of electrification projects are reduced and optimized.

ENDE uses hexacopter drones (six propellers) with a flight autonomy of 45 minutes and a load capacity of up to 15 kilograms, enough to transport pilot wires of up to 700 meters or more, depending on the environmental conditions of the sector where it works.

The incorporation of drone technology optimized the construction work of this electrical network, so ENDE Corporación plans to continue using these unmanned aerial vehicles to face other electrification projects in other parts of the country.


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