After 2024 No More Meat Advertisements in Haarlem

Meat ads banned in Haarlem

The Environmental Party of Haarlem believes people should no longer be encouraged to eat meat.

Unprecedented decision: The municipality of Haarlem, located west of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, has decided to prohibit the majority of advertising for meat products in public locations. According to BBC News, the initiative of the environmental party GroenLinks, will be implemented beginning in 2024 after adding meat to the list of products that are detrimental to the climate.

You can't tell people there is a climate crisis and encourage them to buy products that cause the climate crisis.

Ads promoting meat will be banned from buses and city screens. GroenLinks consultant Ziggy Klazes justified himself as follows: You can't tell people about a climate crisis and encourage them to buy products that cause it.

Strong reactions

Within the Harlem City Council, the decision was not unanimous. Sander van den Raad, leader of the conservative party, joked, Be yourself in Harlem and love who you want. Remarkably, the Harlem City Council is organizing a huge poster campaign, but if you prefer meat to the soft grass, the sponsoring force will come after you. Wrong.

The meat industry vehemently opposed the decision, hoping that the municipality would go It is far from saying what is best for people. That started a campaign and decided to fight back against Nederland Vleesland, (Holland Meat Country). Aimed at promoting meat consumption, it's a matter of taste as an economic advantage.

According to Dutch Statistics (CBS), 95% of the Dutch population still eats meat. More than half do not eat meat during the week and only 5% do not eat meat at all, according to CBS 2021 statistics.

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