Reinventing the Barbecue

Weber Gas BBQ

Thanks to technology, Weber smart barbecues allow you to cook elaborate recipes with the perfect point beyond the traditional grilled meat. With an eye on the phone, we can control the cooking.

We all relate barbecues to the arrival of good weather as we gather with friends or family in a garden or terrace in the company of meats, vegetables, and burgers sizzling over the fire. A sort of ritual in which we share food and leisure on a pleasant day outdoors.

The good atmosphere that is created around them is also very present, for example, in the world of sports. This is the case with the Real Madrid squad, who usually get together for a barbecue before the Champions League finals. Or the Uruguayan national soccer team, which organized barbecues before each game at the last World Cup in Russia to reinforce the good atmosphere in the dressing room.

But the barbecue offers many more possibilities and can be a way of understanding cooking… at any time of the year. The best example is Weber. Since 1952, this brand has been applying improvements and innovations in its barbecues to achieve not only the ideal point in roasts of all kinds but also to shape a multitude of very diverse recipes, ideal to enjoy beyond these months of sun and heat.

BBQ Coals Hot

It was in the middle of the 20th century that George Stephen came up with an idea that revolutionized the barbecue world forever. Adept at large family barbecues, Stephen's obsession was to develop a perfect cooking device that would be effective even on bad days and would cancel out gusts of wind.

His solution was full of ingenuity: he made a spherical barbecue with a top lid with a handle and three feet to stabilize it. The lid made it possible to maintain an even heat inside the sphere and to obtain optimum cooking of the food. The invention soon became popular in the USA and evolved over time with technological advances.

Real-time information

Over the years, Weber barbecues have become much more than just a cooking appliance. So much so that they have brought this culinary experience to the threshold of haute cuisine. This is the case with Weber's Genesis II EX and Spirit EX smart barbecues, both gas barbecues with endless gastronomic possibilities.

In addition to traditional grilling, with these two machines we can prepare delicious dishes such as stuffed capon, glazed duck or roast sirloin, elaborations that go far beyond the typical grilled meats. Even bake bread! The secret lies in finding the right cooking point, both the fire and the position of the grill.

These barbecues have a digital panel that informs us of the real-time temperature of the food, cooking times, a step-by-step assistance function so that we do not forget any key process on the stove and even the option to choose the cooking point (rare, medium, well done…).

We can even connect the barbecues to a wifi network to receive notifications on our phone every time we need to advance in the cooking. This is possible thanks to Weber Connect, a small smart device that alerts us from how much time is left until the food is ready to the moment we have to turn the piece or serve it. This way, just by looking at the cell phone, we will know that the dish is perfectly prepared.

Important: don't forget to cook with the lid closed. This will control the temperature and ensure that the smoke circulates inside the grill and permeates the food to create that perfect barbecue flavor. In turn, the food will be juicier and cook faster, saving time and fuel in the process.

One last trick: You should always clean the barbecue after each use. Maintenance is key to keep the grill in good condition and extend its life.

All these technological innovations demonstrate the extent to which barbecue cooking has evolved and become more versatile. In addition to cooking meats to the perfect point, we can also dare with different stews, vegetables or fish.

Recipes to get out of the routine and turn these family moments into something always new and surprising, with the total certainty that we are going to get it right.

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