Scientist Discover Large Amounts of Microplastics in Rain Water

Scientist Discover Large Amounts of Microplastics in Rain Water
According to the study, rainwater contain almost 81 tonnes of microplastics, making it hazardous for human health

Approximately 81 tonnes of microplastics have been discovered in the rain, causing drinking water to contaminate, confirmed by studies.

According to a new study in New Zealand, rains in 2020 have been a major reason for polluted drinking water. As 81 tonnes of microplastics fell during the rains.

High PFAS Levels, a carcinogenic substance, deemed the water undrinkable for humans, says the scientist studies.

In 2019 a study was conducted by the US department of interior regarding detecting microplastics in the rain, and today the 2022 researchers have confirmed it. While on the expectations of viewing soil and mineral particles, the opposite situation was faced by scientists when they found fibers, beads and shards of micro plants.

As for concluding the exact effects of microplastics on humans, it’s still under examination. However, evidence is to be noted that claim microplants are found in the lungs and bloodstream of the human body.

Microplastics are now more common as their usage has margined more than 24 trillion pieces inside ocean water.

Majorly the sector affected by this polluted rainwater are the ones who directly intake it for fulfillment of thirst. According to Environmental Science and Technology, “levels of PFAAs in atmospheric deposition are especially poorly reversible because of the high persistence of PFAAs and their ability to continuously cycle in the hydrosphere, including on sea spray aerosols emitted from the ocean.”

“I think the most important result we can share with the American public is that there’s more plastic out there than meets the eye. It’s in the rain, it’s in the snow. It’s a part of our environment now.” said Co-author of the 2019 study on microplastics, Gregory Weatherbee.”

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