Intel updates Developer Cloud to let developers test chips

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Intel is going to bring advanced technology to the Developer Cloud. This will allow developers to try out chips before they reach the market. CEO Pat Gelsinger announced that at the Intel Innovation event.

According to the CEO, developers face many challenges when trying to adopt new technology. These include vendor lock-in, access to the latest hardware and security. Intel wants to start helping developers more and therefore announced new features for the Developer Cloud.

New Developments Developer Cloud

Developers will now have greater access to new hardware applications from the chip giant via a limited beta trial. Thus, they will now have the opportunity to test new processor platforms. These include the fourth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors based on the new Intel Sapphire Rapids architecture. They can also use the development platform to test the fourth-generation Intel Xeon processor with high bandwidth functionality and the Ice Lake D-based Intel Xeon D processors.

Other hardware applications that can be tried through the platform now include the upcoming Intel Habana Gaudi 2 Deep Learning accelerators and the Intel Data Center GPU technology Ponte Vecchio.

Through the Developer Cloud platform, it will also be possible to test the new Intel Geti computer vision platform, the Intel CEO announced. This platform allows developers to quickly and easily develop effective AI models through a single interface. The interface provides capabilities for data upload, annotation, model training and retraining. This reduces development time, saves on development costs and does not require much specific expertise to create new AI models.

Other announcements

In addition to the new Developer Cloud capabilities, the Intel CEO also announced updates to its Flex Series GPUs for visual cloud-based workloads. These GPUs now also support popular AI frameworks such as OpenVINO, PyTorch and TensorFlow.

Other announcements include software-based Intel Xe Super Sampeling gaming accelerators and new accelerators for fourth-generation XEON Scalable Processors for AI, data analytics, networking and storage workloads.

Ecosystem for chiplet technology

Gelsinger went on to discuss Intel's processor manufacturing ecosystem, especially consortium Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express. This collaborative ecosystem for manufacturing chiplets is being expanded to include close competitors Samsung and TSMC. As a result, the consortium ensures that chiplets designed and built through different processes can still work together. The latter through integrations and advanced packaging technologies.

In addition to the three major chip manufacturers, another 80 companies are participating, the Intel CEO said. This truly creates a \”foundry\” for chip technology. Gelsinger promises that Intel Foudry Services intends to be a leader in this area based on the components of wafer fabrication, packaging, software and an open chip ecosystem.

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